Why do I need a logo?

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

A great logo design is one of the most important tools for any business. It’s not just a random mark. It gives your business an identity that represents your core values and your mission.

A well designed and thought out logo that is easily identifiable can immediately sell your brand to potential customers. Whereas, a badly designed logo could put customers off and remove credibility from your business. Not having a logo at all is an even bigger mistake, logos are a key component when marketing your business.

"Creating a new logo can be pretty simple these days, with online logo makers ready to generate 100’s of options to choose from. Which lets face it are all pretty generic and the opposite of unique."

Therefore, developing and designing your logo should take a bit of time and thought. Logo design needs to be well thought out, it’s a tactical endeavour that’ll be crucial to your advertising and marketing in the future. It shouldn’t be rushed or brushed aside...

Here’s 7 reasons why it’s critical to have a well designed logo for your business

1. It shows who you are

Even if your a small business, it needs to be identifiable. Your target market should know who you are and a well designed logo is one of the best ways to accomplish this.

2. It pulls in new customers and helps to keep existing customers

A great logo design will help you grow and maintain your business. When new and existing customers look at your logo, it needs to give them a feeling of confidence. They need to think “Yes… this brand has the image I’m looking for.” If they don’t, you risk them going to a competitor whose image feels like a better fit.

3. It Separates You From Competition

Stand out from the crowd with your logo, because your business logo tells potential customers why your business is different.

4. Proof of your business’ professionalism

Without a logo there’s no real business. Although logos are a small part of your business’ day-to-day operations, they’re still massively important.

5. Builds trust in your brand

Where brand identity is concerned, logos are the basis for everything you can create, you can build trust among your customers with a logo design that positively connects with them.

6. Establishes ownership

Your logo is yours. It is an official mark of ownership, meaning that anywhere customers can see this mark your company is present in an official capacity.

7. Creates a connection

Think of all the most famous logos. How do they make you feel? Logos are often the first thing that creates the emotional connection people have with their favourite brands.

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