How to rebrand your business...successfully!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

So what the flip does rebranding actually mean?

Your business’ brand is more than a catchy name or logo design. To create a brand is to illustrate a business’ story and character, it’s about building its reputation. Essentially, it should stand you apart from other companies.

Re branding a business means moving it in a new direction. It’s about going to the heart of what you are all about, integrating your targets and vision, and then adjusting your brand image to reflect these changes.

Rebranding a business can include things like, new logo design, new company website, new stationery, and advertising.

Here’s some factors in deciding whether to rebrand your business

  • Your overarching vision has changed

  • You need to improve your reputation

  • You want or need to appeal to a new market

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