Choosing the right size brochure, flyer or leaflet

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Proven marketing tools for getting relevant and engaging information about your products or services out to your target audience. Brochures, flyers & leaflets can be priceless promotional tools! Even in the digital age, there’s something reassuring about the physical nature of brochures, flyers & leaflets that boosts your brands’ credibility and professionalism.

We have a range of design size options available for brochures, flyers & leaflets. We also offer custom size design for some selected design services. Use this quick guide to check what’s available.

Once you know what the purpose of your brochure, flyer or leaflet is, you’ll need to decide what size it’s going to be so we can create a design that suits your business perfectly. Check out our post “Where can I get my design printed?” for more information on printing.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself when deciding what size you will need:

  1. How you’re planning on distributing it?

  2. How long do you expect it to last?

  3. How much information do you want to include?

  4. How many pages, sides, folds do you want it to have?

1. How you’re planning on distributing it?

On the whole, there are a few different ways you can distribute your brochure, flyer & leaflet to your target audience:

Personal Handout

Maybe you want your sales rep to hand out directly to customers during a meeting or while in your showroom. An A5 half-folded leaflet is a perfect choice for this type of handout. Because it has two sides and is folded in two, effectively acting as a 4-page document so it can hold information in different sections, without the added expense of multiple pages and binding that is required for a booklet.

Mass-market handout

A mass-market handout normally means you are planning to hand out to passers-by at an event or a high-foot fall area. We would suggest a DL Leaflet (portrait or landscape) for this method of distribution – these are easy to get printed and because their small economic, but big enough to carry a simple message.

Letterbox Delivery

Often via post or by walker distribution on a street-by-street basis throughout specific geographic locations. For UK post, your brochure, flyer or leaflet needs to be able to fit through a letterbox, such as A5 and DL Sizes.

2. How long do you expect it to last?

The expected lifespan is an important consideration when it comes to size. For example if you want to promote your products for only a few days at an event, you only need the size to be small i.e. A5 or DL. Whereas if you want to showcase your entire product range for the year in a catalogue you might want to consider something bigger like A4.

3. How much information do you want to include?

The message that you want to get across to your audience is a key factor in determining the right size. If you’re showcasing a product or service that is on promotion for example, this won’t require much space, just the key information and price, so a A5 or DL size would be perfect. On the other hand if you want a brochure that features all of the products you sell, a larger size such as A4 would be better so you have room to spread out and include more information.

4. How many pages, sides, folds do you want it to have?

Similar to the above question, it depends on how much information you want to include, if you are unsure on how your product/service information can be laid out, drop us a message or speak to us on live chat and we can advise the best options.

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